Jeeves ERP and Cube Corner AB

Jeeves has been and is a big part of our lives at Cube Corner and we have helped many companies with our knowledge of the Jeeves system, regarding activities and adaptations for about 20 years. Jeeves is not our main business, but we are happy to help companies with everything we can about and around it.

Our areas of knowledge in Jeeves

We have been involved in most things in Jeeves, but in order to point out some areas we handle technology (upgrades), orders, inventory, invoicing, purchasing, manufacturing, service, projects, EDI, document management etc.

Adaptations and integration

We have extensive experience with regard to adaptations and integration with Jeeves and have designed 1000’s of customer-unique solutions. Everything from simple macros that support the users in their daily work with Jeeves and report design to very complex functions for “Available-to-promise” (ATP analysis) on orders, two complex systems for product configuration etc.

We have also designed many integrations to and from Jeeves and over the years we have learned what is needed to integrate with the system in the best way. We have ready integration packages for eg. Astro and of course to Schipts™ product suite that you can read more about here.

Since we have our own experience of working in production technology, market, product preparation and purchasing and have long experience of efficiency improvement processes, our goal is to optimize your Jeeves to give you the best conditions for getting the most out of your system. activity!

A selection of adaptations that we have built over the years

  • ATP – deep analysis of a sales item’s best delivery day in a Jeeves multicompany with several supplying and supporting companies.
  • PDF viewer – for drawings in file systems with wildcard search in a file structure, available throughout Jeeves where article numbers are available.
  • Graphic coating presentation in Jeeves with flattened planning time (each day’s resource needs are shown).
  • Crystal Reports print engine and Microsoft Reporting Services reports (RDLS). Print invoices or other documents in batch or directly via a function in the Jeeves database.
  • ZPL prints to get really fast label printing.
  • Product configurator for complete degradation to production in Jeeves without having to add millions of structures (linked to our 2D / 3D visualization solution).
  • Advanced logistics functions that can be found in Schipt™.
Jeeves ERP and Cube Corner AB