Phone support daytime 08.00-17.00 CET  Phone: +46 36-440 34 25

Support at other times, see on-call duty below.
If not urgent, send an email to:
If you contact our support by telephone, please also send an email to with information and contact information. This makes it easier for us to handle your case.

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TeamViewer (connection to your computer)

TeamViewer is a service that enables us to mirror your computer and thus instruct and assist you actively. To use TeamViewer, contact one of our support technicians.

TeamViewer Instructions:

teamviewer logo

  1. Click on the image and answer yes on any questions regarding installation.
  2. When you get the connection, enter the number and PIN to the technician who then can connect to your computer. Now you both see the content on your screen.
  3. After the end of the support, the connection is closed and the component is removed, which means that the technician can connect one time with your consent when you give him or her the codes. If you want to use TeamViewer again, the process must be repeated.

If you have more questions about how a connection is created, our support technicians can help you with this when you talk to them.

On-call duty Phone: 036-44 03 410 (Contracted customers only)

The on-call duty is open 24/7 for our contracted customers when our regular phone support is closed.
The person who receives your case needs to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions prior to the granting of support, as well as your name, phone number and company.