Basic functions in the core of the system

When a program or system is to be constructed from scratch, templates are often used for certain standard functionality, which is both smart and effective. The template is then adapted to provide the functionality that is desired which means that it becomes unique in its design which gives some disadvantages.

One drawback is that such unique code in many cases requires that the developer who once created the code is available at more advanced debugging or change and there will be a security risk if they quit or that they in the future are not available. The next thing is the source code for your solution, in exceptional cases it is available from you as the end customer, but usually it is at the supplier or even at the individual developer.

More effective with Dynweb

With Dynweb we have handled this so that all basic functions are in the core of the system, which means that we do not use any templates that become customer-unique. This is more efficient than a developer having their own templates, since all our developers work from the same foundation. The same basic function can be found in all deliveries of Dynweb.

We have a team of programmers who have developed the kernel and backup is done daily on all source code. Everything that is built unique for a customer is always stored at the customer, where we make sure that backup is set up before we hand over the system. This is a long-term good investment in security and resource access and it is probably more affordable than any other option you can find on the market. This is security seen over a long time!

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Basic functions in the core of the system