Design & development tools

DynWeb Design & Development is the tool our own developers use to build applications, customize business logic and much more. It is built into the delivery of DynWeb and is the key to the lightning fast development process you get when you buy DynWeb. The tool is available to anyone who acquires a license and education.

Our own developers have access to the design editor, which means that if you buy design changes from us or one of our licensed partners, you do not need your own license to implement new projects or customize existing ones.

The purpose is to give you as a customer the opportunity to design and develop in the system with your own resources.


DynWeb Design & Development is available in two license forms where DynWeb Design is the base and DynWeb Development is an extension license for the Design license.

Content DynWeb Design DynWeb Dev
Design Editor  
Field management  
List management  
Script Editor  
JavaScript Code Editor (Full JS editor)  
SCSS Code Editor  
Event connector  
Scope management  
Scripting Commands Included  
50+ prebuildt functions for:    
Field (Get/Set/Attributes/Properties)  
List (Get/Set/Attributes/Properties)  
Database (Select/New/Change/Delete/Execute)  
Input Dialogue From (a lot of controls)  
File handler (Read/New/Edit/Delete)  
Global data container (Get/Set)  
Document management functions  
Program functions (Mode)  
XML-Json mapper  
CSV Import  
Base64 handler (pictures)  
RDLC report printouts