DynWeb Apps

DynWeb is sold as a stand-alone development platform and is a great tool for building your own applications. You can of course add any of our or our third-party applications.

Application Suites

Företagsnamnet Schipt

Schipt™ Logistics Framework

TMS, WMS, TA, Contract, InvoiceControl and MPS. You can read more about these applications on Schipt’s website.

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CC Applications

We have a number of custom applications that are built to run in DynWeb.

CC Schleish Testing System

Application for generating and maintaining test program sequences for the Schleish test system. Schleish is used to test a lighting fixture for safety and function.

CC AS400 SearchData

Search program for migrated data from AS400. Used to provide customer support on old orders placed in ISeries after changing ERP systems.

CC Procurement

Request / Certificate / Purchasing system of various products that are not included in delivery flow of own products. E.g. computers, furniture, cars, services for property maintenance etc.