The new way of building web applications

New, sharp technology that revolutionizes system development.

Dynweb is among the first concepts in the world when it comes to simplified dynamic web design for applications in real time. Meaning: when you save a change that you have made, it is simultaneously published for all other users.

Adding, moving or deleting fields, buttons, lists, frames, images and much more is done online and instantly, and has never been easier. This via a very innovative graphic design, without having to write a single line of code. New applications can be built much faster and thus at a lower cost than with any other tool on the market!

We have chosen to put the power on a dynamic design opportunity in order to then be able to build applications with a staggering speed. This is not a tool that professional designers use to build attractive web pages for your marketing channels, these are applications for your business!

Dynweb contains

  • Dynweb Editor (licenced) Used for graphic design of your applications. With this tool you design the input fields, search fields, scroll lists, buttons, search lists, frames and embedded lists. JavaScript editor for own functionality with small classes to simplify database connections etc. but with full support for JavaScript. Also, connection diagrams for connection of tables, menu management etc.
  • CC IE Integration engine for XML connections to other systems that need to be connected, for example your ERP system. CC IE is built for high speed connections.
  • CC Print A small print service where, depending on the choice of design tools, you can build your own database driven templates for different documents and labels. You can then connect these to the programs you build.

System Requirements

  • Server with latest version of Internet Information Services set up for intranet
  • SQL Server database (there are smaller versions that is free of charge, we recommend at least standard edition for larger production environments)
  • As an alternative, PostgreSQL database that is free of charge and can run on both Windows and Linux (Note: limited functionality)