Cube Corner engages in the field of applied science focusing on future IT solutions.

We focus on a number of major development projects, in conjunction with some of the country’s largest companies, where the goal is to create easily accessible functions for companies and the private market.

To do this, we strive to take advantage of new technologies and acquire knowledge in areas where our customers want to be now and in the future.

We believe that this commitment is important to us and also to you as a client.

We strive to renew and find new applications for IT and IT systems. Communication over the Internet, cloud-based services and mobile applications. This when social networks are growing and the systems are increasingly communicating with each other.

We use new technology and use it to create new, better solutions for future operations.

In complex and comprehensive development projects we work closely with our IT contract partners and other competencies. In a form of applied science projects with selected customers that have special needs, we collectively renew and test tomorrow’s IT solutions. Our customers and partners will then become a natural part of our common visions.

We usually make finished applications into concepts / products of which we offer the open market.