When it comes to system development, we start by looking through what challenge you are facing in your business and what kind of solution would suit your company the best. The same thing can usually be solved in a variety of ways so we have to look at competitors, efficiency, development costs, the future and other systems that will interact at your company and perhaps with your customers or suppliers.

Once this is done, we look at what the market already has to offer. Building new things may not always be the smartest, there may be other systems that completely or partly solve your problem. In that case you should use these and build on the things that system lacks in. It usually means that you get benefits with a standard system regarding guarantees while the solution becomes smaller and cheaper to develop. Fortunately, Cube Corner is an expert at building systems, see system integration.

As we have our own network and server engineers, we look at and propose changes in hardware and network so that the new system, as well as your existing, will have the best possible technical conditions. This also includes IT security.

We can also deliver a designer if you want to get the application really neat or extra user-friendly. It is not necessary for 90% of the solutions, but if it is, for example, a public website, this can be of market strategic value. That the page visually beats all your competitors’ solutions. Unfortunately, it is what the user sees and experience that rate the solution and not all the technology and code behind it.

The next step is that we propose two to three solution proposals with slightly different indication prices and opportunities that you have to decide on.

When you have made your choice, we specify the solution and you choose to which level. Price model and flexibility are dependent on that choice.

We code in the following languages, as needed:

  • Dot Net C#
  • Dot Net Visual Basic
  • JavaScript
  • Latest HTML
  • CSS
  • T-SQL for MS SQL and corresponding for Postgre SQL databases
  • * VBA for the Office package
  • We have three database architects with experience of building relationship databases with hundreds of collaborative tables to support the application you need
  • EDI
  • XML
  • Json