We build about 90% of our applications to run in the web browser. Some of the advantages are that you do not need upgrades and distribution of software, and that it makes it easy to move the solution to the cloud. The user opens a web page, logs in and runs the system. The website can be placed on the customer’s server, in the cloud or with us.

With our own system, Dynweb you can change the design of applications on the web page in real time. Almost all standard applications we build are based on this technology. It provides incredibly fast development times since everything from error management to database connections and design models is already in place. The design is adapted for the application so that the design is structured regarding columns, buttons, embedded lists etc. Changes / customizations are made in real time for all users.


We also work with advanced, custom-made, visualization programs and product configurators directly in the browser, without a lot of plugins. 2D / 3D constructions such as is used to create drawings of rooms, car interiors, wardrobes, complex products, lining etc.

To this we can create Bom lists, operating chains, pre-calculations of time and material, and provide your ERP system with prepared data that only need to be imported without further processing. This provides easy and smooth integration.

Ongoing research

We follow ongoing research within our business area closely. We take on, test and experiment with the latest techniques within technology and IT to find new combinations of opportunities for our customers to be both one and two steps ahead of their competitors.