If you have a written agreement with Cube Corner, this agreement applies above the terms below.

Support is provided to all of our customers with or without support agreement. However, there must exist some form of agreement between us which historically means that we have the contractual right to invoice your sompany for the services performed. If such is established in our system, hourly rates etc. automatically will adjust to the current price according to that agreement. If you are not a registered customer, a service agreement must be established before we can help you, for purely legal reasons. We will see this immediately in our system and will contact you as soon as you have made your first error report.

Pay and Play support

Support terms if you don’t have a signed support agreement

Function and fees

  • Registration fee for case management and monitoring of the case is based on SEK 500 for each case registred.
  • Support is offered on weekdays between 7am and 6pm (CEST).
  • Cases that only is registred to will normally start within 48 hours.
  • You must state the nature of the case and all contact details so that we can reach you both by e-mail and telephone.
  • If the case is more urgent, it have to be called in to our support number as no prioritization is made based on any form of communication other than a call to our support team.
  • In addition to the registration fee, you will be charged for every half hour started.


  • If no support agreement is registered, we as providers of the service also have no responsibility for the consequences of the measures we take, which means that the risk lies entirely with you as a customer. However, it is a very low risk as we do not do things precipitously or without your knowledge. Where applicable, it is most natural that we troubleshoot and submit action proposals that you as a customer carry out under your own control.
  • If support relates to a product or system that we have delivered, then there are most likely certain terms in the delivery agreement that override the terms of discharge above.